What is the heavy metal, especially arsenic, content of Baby’s Only Organic® Cereal?

Nature’s One® takes feeding babies seriously and has pledged to ensure that we test for heavy metals including arsenic. 


Arsenic and other heavy metals are naturally occurring common elements present in the earth’s crust and, therefore, in all soils.  The arsenic and heavy metal content of a food is determined by their content in the soil, water, air, fertilizer, and can also be affected by pesticides and other chemicals to which the food source has been exposed.  U.S. organic standards prohibit the use of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other chemicals that may be used in the growing and harvesting of quinoa. 


Baby’s Only Organic® Cereal is grown according to the National Organic Program’s regulations which prohibits the use of nasty pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals.  Nature’s One also test each batch of cereal for heavy metals and other environmental contaminants.


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