What’s new with Baby’s Only Organic DHA Formulas

Q: What is egg lecithin?

A: Egg Lecithin is the fat found in egg yolks. This fat is also called egg phospholipid, and is the source of DHA and ARA fatty acids.


Q: Why did you add organic egg lecithin to Baby’s Only Organic® with DHA & ARA formulas?

A: Nature’s One® strives to always make organic better.  In doing so, we actively seek the highest quality organic ingredients that meet both consumer needs and our demand for continuously improving our products. Nature’s One® expended considerable resources to obtain certified organic hens and their organic eggs as our source of certified organic egg lecithin.  We now have the only truly organic source of DHA & ARA (fatty acids) along with naturally occurring choline and lutein.  We continually strive to support consumer expectations of organics in seeking ingredients that you can be sure meet these expectations and will continue to seek ingredients to support and improve our organic formulas.


Q: What are the main differences between the previous version of Baby’s Only Organic® DHA & ARA Formulas and the new version? 

A: The main differences are:

  • addition of organic egg lecithin from certified organic hens and their organic eggs to continue to provide DHA, ARA, and choline;
  • the added benefit of naturally occurring lutein in the organic egg lecithin;
  • new label that highlights Organic DHA, Choline, and Lutein.


Q:  What exactly is lutein?

A:  Lutein is a Vitamin A-like compound in the family of carotenoids found in common fruits and vegetables.  Carotenoids are plant pigments that provide the bright red, yellow and orange colors to fruits and vegetables.  Carotenoids are sometimes referred to as phytonutrients or plant chemicals and help plants absorb light energy needed for growth.  They also function as antioxidants.  Good sources of lutein include leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale, peas, broccoli, corn, and egg yolk.  When your little one is ready for solid foods, these foods can also be a source of lutein.

Lutein functions in the body as an antioxidant and is unique in being highly concentrated in the eye’s retina.1    Lutein protects the eye from oxidative damage and damage from high-energy light such as blue light or ultraviolet light.  Lutein is also the predominant carotenoid in the brain2 and helps to protect fatty acids like DHA and ARA from oxidation.3

Just like all other carotenoids, lutein cannot be made by the body and must come from foods.  The amount of lutein in human milk varies greatly depending upon mom’s diet.4   The source of the lutein in other formulas and in lutein supplements usually come from marigold flowers 5,6 and may be extracted by non-organic processes.    The source of lutein in Baby’s Only Organic® formulas is from organic egg lecithin, a fat in organic egg yolks, and is also thought to be better absorbed by the body than other sources such as supplements or spinach. 7


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Q:  Where does the choline in Baby’s Only Organic® formulas with organic DHA & ARA come from?

A: The choline in our organic DHA & ARA containing formulas is a natural component of the organic egg lecithin sourced from organic egg yolks.   Choline is an essential nutrient necessary for the structure and function of all cells in the body and is especially important during periods of rapid growth and development. According to an article* in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, "pregnancy and lactation are periods when maternal reserves of choline are depleted. At the same time, the availability of choline for normal development of the brain is critical."  Thus, choline-rich foods are important in pregnancy, lactation, infancy and childhood. The choline found in Baby's Only Organic® Formulas with DHA & ARA is derived from the organic egg lecithin, a fat in organic egg yolks used also as the source of choline and lutein and is, therefore, an excellent and natural source of choline and these other nutrients.

For additional information or if you have questions, contact our registered dietitian at dietitian@naturesone.com

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