Synthetic Vitamins in BOO

To assure stability, purity, and consistency in the nutritional quality of Baby’s Only Organic® formulas, Nature’s One® uses synthetic vitamins when natural vitamins are not available. Because vitamins are critical for proper growth and development, only clinically studied nutrients proven for bioavailability, safety and efficacy can be used in infant and toddler formulas. There are very few organic vitamins that have gone through such testing so it is critical for Nature’s One® to use only those vitamins and minerals that meet safety and efficacy requirements for formulas designed for young children.

Baby’s Only Organic® formulas do contain natural Vitamin E, which is identified in the ingredient panel of the formula labels as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate. Natural Vitamin E has been clinically proven to provide nearly twice the bioavailability of synthetic Vitamin E. In addition, Nature’s One® uses a form of Vitamin D, also known as cholecalciferol or Vitamin D3. This source of Vitamin D3 is derived from wool lanolin; no animal has lost its life in the process.

There is more to selecting a vitamin than just being classified as “natural.” For example, some natural vitamins are extracted using hexane solvents or other harsh chemicals. Those vitamins would not be used in an organic formula as hexane is a known neurotoxin.

The vitamins selected for Baby’s Only Organic® have been clinically proven in infant formulas for decades. Many naturally derived vitamins have not been proven with infants or clinically tested with adults. Because a child’s early nutrition is critical to appropriate growth and development, the vitamins in any baby formula must provide not only the appropriate amount but must be efficiently absorbed and be consistently balanced.


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