Does Baby's Only Organic® plant based soy formula contain dairy?

As per label language, Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy formula is dairy free.  Baby’s Only Organic Plant Based Soy Formula is tested for milk allergen on each lot manufactured.

 Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Toddler Formula is kosher.  The Kosher symbol, a U within a circle  on the front of the label of each can, indicates the formula has been certified by a rabbi at the Orthodox Union as a Kosher pareve product.  Pareve indicates the product contains neither meat nor milk.  To the right of the U within a circle are the letters DE indicating "Dairy Equipment".  This indicates the formula was made on dairy equipment and is shown on the label to meet Jewish religion Kosher certification rules.  These rules have no bearing on U.S. federal labeling regulations as strictly enforced by the Food & Drug Administration where a specific allergen is required to be noted on the label.  There is no possibility of the cross-contamination of dairy ingredients in the manufacturing of Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Toddler Formula.  In addition, all manufacturing equipment is cleaned, sanitized and flushed according to Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (CGMPs) also defined in U.S. manufacturing regulations.




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