Cross Contamination

PediaSmart® SOY Formula is labeled “manufactured on dairy equipment” strictly to meet Jewish religion kosher certification rules. These rules have no bearing on U.S. law where allergen contamination is mandated in the Code of Federal Regulations and strictly enforced by the Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, there is no possibility of cross-contamination of dairy ingredients in the manufacturing of PediaSmart ® SOY formula. Kosher certification for Jewish religious reasons is not related to FDA enforced laws serving to protect consumers in the U.S.

In addition, all equipment used to manufacturer PediaSmart ® pediatric formulas is cleaned, sanitized and flushed according to good manufacturing procedures defined in U.S. law. PediaSmart ® is manufactured in a FDA and USDA inspected plant. The FDA routinely picks up samples of PediaSmart ® and tests the product to insure it meets all food safety and label claims.


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