Add DHA & ARA to Baby's Only Organic formula?

Nature’s One’s original formulas are complete formulas, even without the addition of DHA and ARA, because they contain two precursor essential fatty acids (linolenic & linoleic) that convert to DHA & ARA fatty acids in the body. We follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics closely, and to date, they have not come out with a definitive statement on the necessity of adding these two non-essential fatty acids (DHA and ARA) to formula or food. The reason is that a full term, healthy infant or toddler has the capability of making the non-essential fatty acids DHA and ARA from two essential fatty acids, linolenic fatty acid and linoleic fatty acid (2), which are in all formulas, including Baby’s Only Organic® formula. In addition, the FDA has not established a recommended daily intake for DHA needed per day. (1,2)

If you prefer a formula that contains DHA and ARA, we now offer Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief® and Dairy Formulas with DHA and ARA.  These formulas also contain the essential fatty acids (linolenic and linoleic fatty acids).  You may wish to consult with your child’s healthcare should you have questions regarding DHA and ARA. A healthcare professional is in the best position to understand a child’s medical history and nutritional needs which should be taken into consideration when making recommendations.

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