Non GMO Project

We’re happy to tell you that all of Nature’s One® products are made with non-GMO ingredients. The USDA organic laws prohibit the use of GMO ingredients. Our ingredient suppliers must be organic certified and all raw materials must be allowed by the USDA National Organic Program, ensuring they contain non-GMO materials, no ionizing radiation and the materials are handled without the use of sewage and sludge.

Nature’s One does not participate in the Non-GMO Project because the UDSA certification process and annual monitoring is stringent enough to ensure only the purist ingredients are used in Baby’s Only Organic formulas. Nature’s One does support GMO labeling and clearly labels all of its formulas “ Non-GMO”  and “No genetically engineered ingredients.”  For more information regarding USDA certified organic food regulations, please see the following website USDA Organic Regulations USDA Organic Regulations.

Rev 1-10-17


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