Palm Olein Oil

Many leading brands and store brand formulas use palm olein oil as part of the fat blend in their formulas. Unfortunately clinical studies have proven the use of palm olein oil as a predominant fat source in infant formulas causes some babies to experience lower bone mineralization, resulting in poorer absorption of calcium.1,2,3,4 The availability of dietary calcium plays an important relationship in an infant’s ability to absorb fat. When palm olein oil is provided in the formula, calcium soaps (calcium in fat) are formed in the gut. These calcium soaps prevent the absorption of fat and calcium in the gut and can also result in harder stool formation or constipation.5

In addition, besides deforestation concerns of growing palms for palm oil production, there is also a newly added environmental concern that the processing used in palm oil production releases methane gas into the atmosphere in an amount roughly equivalent to the emissions from 22,000 cars in a year’s time.6 Baby’s Only Organic® formulas contain no palm olein oil and no palm oil.

Instead, Baby’s Only Organic® formulas contain a blend of organic oils: Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic Soybean Oil and Organic Coconut Oil. Baby’s Only Organic® vegetable oils are expeller-pressed, which is a squeezing process to extract the oil from the organic plants.


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