Amount of Soy in Baby's Only Organic® formulas

Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy, Dairy with Whey Protein formulas and PediaSmart® dairy based nutrition beverages do contain organic soybean oil and organic soy lecithin. Organic soy lecithin is derived from organic soy oil. Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy with DHA, Whey Dairy with DHA, and LactoRelief™ with DHA formulas do not contain soy lecithin but do contain organic soybean oil.  The soy lecithin is not needed in these products because we use egg lecithin which is also the source of DHA in these two formulas.  As you may know, organic vegetable oils (including organic soybean oil) are expeller-pressed. This is a process that basically presses the oil from the soybean. Our supplier cannot guarantee that minuscule amounts of protein measured in parts per million are passed through into the oil during this process. Therefore, Nature's One® added the "Allergen information: soy" to these formulas. 

It is most often the protein component of a food that triggers an allergic response in susceptible individuals. Since the organic soy oil and organic soy lecithin are virtually void of protein, many children can still tolerate soy oil and soy lecithin. However, for children with severe soy allergy, we always recommend that parents discuss the possibility of using soy oil or soy lecithin with their healthcare providers.

Testing has shown that the amount of soy protein in these formulas is below the detectable level of 10 ppm (parts per million). The percentage of soy ingredients in our dairy formulas is approximately 10% coming from mostly the organic soybean oil and very little from the organic soy lecithin used is the formulas not containing DHA. We do not know of another standard dairy-based formula that is completely soy free, including free of soybean oil and/or soy lecithin. Soybean oil is included in almost all infant formulas because of its specific fatty acids. When combined with other oils, the soy oil helps to meet the required essential fatty acids in the appropriate amounts needed by an infant. 

You may be interested in knowing that conventionally processed non-organic oils use hexane solvents to extract the oils, so the oil is free of protein. This harsh process then requires the oil to be flashed with fire to burn off the hexane solvents. There is always the possibility that hexane residue remains in the finished product. We believe this has no place in a baby's diet - even if only a residue.

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