Carbohydrates in Baby's Only Sensitive

Carbohydrates are one of the crucial dietary sources of energy that supports the brain, enables muscular contractions, and provides the fuel necessary for a baby’s rapid growth. So it is important for a child to receive the right amount of carbohydrates from good sources. Baby’s Only Sensitive with DHA Formula source of carbohydrate is organic brown rice syrup. This carbohydrate source requires minimal processing and offers the benefits of complex carbohydrates that help to slow digestion and absorption of sugars providing a steady supply of energy to a young child.

While maintaining the benefits of an organic, non-GMO and non-corn syrup, the organic brown rice syrup is less sweet than sucrose and some corn syrups. Therefore, it should not contribute to the development of a "sweet tooth". Also, Nature’s One® chose organic brown rice syrup to use in Baby’s Only Sensitive with DHA Formula as a carbohydrate source because rice is:

  • Gluten free
  • Known to be a relatively non allergenic food
  • Well tolerated by infants
  • The least allergenic of all grains
  • A more complex carbohydrate versus a simple carbohydrate (sugar)
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