Premature Infant Use

We do not recommend the use of Baby’s Only Organic toddler formulas for premature babies.

Because premature infants often require different nutrients than a healthy full-term infant does, our Baby’s Only Organic® formulas would not be considered appropriate as a preterm post-hospital infant formula. The protein content of our dairy formula is in less-than-adequate amounts for a pre-term infant; it is also predominantly a casein protein. Most pre-term infant formulas are predominantly whey protein. The calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and chloride may be inadequate for a pre-term infant that may have difficulties with bone mineralization and electrolyte balance. The osmolality may be too high for a premature infant to tolerate. In fact, tolerance in general is not as great with full-term infant formulas when fed to a premature infant. Of course, intolerance to formula could lead to another host of problems. Also, we do not add any MCT oils which are also more easily utilized and absorbed in the premature infant. Therefore, inappropriate fat absorption would also be an issue.

Soy formulas, in general, are not considered appropriate for a premature infant.

Special infant formulas for infants born prematurely are most often used until an infant has achieved what is called “catch up growth. As a child “graduates” to a healthy full-term infant formula, the possible use of Baby’s Only Organic® formulas could be discussed with the baby's healthcare professional. Please email us for more information at

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