Arsenic information

The study and information from 2012 is old and proven to be inaccurate. Nature’s One products always tested dramatically below any US and worldwide standards for arsenic. This is also true of all infant formulas that all tested to contain trace arsenic. Unfortunately, it is in almost all the foods we eat.

Even so, Nature’s One goal is to insure the highest purity of all ingredients since the company was founded in 1997. As part of that goal, since 2012 we have been using a filtration process for its organic brown rice syrup and rice ingredients to remove heavy metals that may have been introduced through soil or environmental contamination. This filtration process is allowed by the USDA National Organic Program and reduces heavy metals from Nature’s One® formulas to undetectable levels or significantly below U.S. drinking water standards.

We do this not because we are required to, but because it matches with the company commitment to purity no matter the government regulations. We have also called on other baby formula companies to follow our lead to insure that any contamination from soil be eliminated from infant formulas and foods. So far, no other company has publicly followed our lead in this initiative. All of this is encapsulated in our Pure10 Pledge

Rev 1-10-17

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