Refrigeration or Freezing of formula

Baby’s Only Organic® formula does not become rancid on the last day of its shelf life. The concern with use of the formula after its expiration date is that some of the vitamins, especially the more oxygen sensitive vitamins (B vitamins and Vitamin C), begin to decline with time.  Because we  cannot guarantee that the vitamin levels will meet label claims beyond one month of opening, we would recommend that you discard the formula.

Refrigeration slows this process but how much is difficult to determine because of many variables such as how long the can was opened before refrigeration, number of times used and returned to the refrigerator, and how long the opened can was exposed to the air. Because shelf life is usually  more a function of exposure to oxygen than it is of temperature, we recommend that the formula not be used beyond the shelf life date stamped on the bottom of each can. 

Refrigerating an open can of powdered formula may help to extend the quality and shelf life of the powder a few days beyond the recommended month. It is still recommended to adhere to the one month guideline in all circumstances.

We do not recommend freezing the formula.  Freezing the formula will not impact the nutrient composition but the thawing process causes moisture and can harden the powder. There is also the potential for the formula that has been frozen to separate in the bottle once the formula is prepared. 



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