Add DHA to Whey Protein Dairy formula?

Regarding the fatty acid content of the Baby’s Only Organic Whey formula, there are ongoing studies as to whether DHA and ARA are needed in formula and foods for infants and young children.  There is also debate over the source of DHA and ARA being added to formulas and foods. The reason is that a full term, healthy child has the capability of making the non-essential fatty acids DHA and ARA from two essential fatty acids, linolenic fatty acid and linoleic fatty acid, which are in all formulas, including Baby’s Only Organic® Whey™ formula, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

To date, the Academy of Pediatrics has not come out with a definitive statement on the necessity of adding these two non-essential fatty acids (DHA and ARA) to formula and foods. Nature’s One’s Whey formula is a complete formula even without the supplement because, as mentioned previously, it has two precursor essential fatty acids (linolenic & linoleic) that convert to DHA & ARA fatty acids in the body. Baby’s Only Organic DHA/ARA formula is for parents and/or healthcare providers that prefer to have the formula also supplemented with DHA and ARA. Should your baby’s healthcare professional feel there is a need for a DHA supplement to be added to the Whey formula, he or she may have a product that they recommend.

Rev 10-11-16

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