If the UPS tracking information shows the order has been delivered, be sure to check everywhere. Occasionally, carriers will leave deliveries with neighbors, building managers, or places like your porch, garage, or even behind bushes. If there is no tracking information or the tracking information shows the item as returned, contact us by email or phone. We may have the wrong shipping address or the driver may have attempted to deliver it, but was unsuccessful. It is up to the driver's discretion whether to require a signature when delivering your order or whether to simply drop it off at your doorstep or with a building manager or doorman. If the driver feels it is best to obtain a signature, s/he will make a few attempts to obtain one. A note will be left at your door. After that, the package will be returned as "undeliverable." Orders that are returned or refused will be credited to your account, less the actual amount of UPS's delivery fee. These undeliverable orders will not be resent. A new order must be placed. 

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