Can PediaSmart be Warmed or Frozen?

PediaSmart®  does not need to be warmed prior to consumption. However, if a child prefers a slightly warmed beverage, PediaSmart® can be heated but care must be taken to assure that it is not too hot to burn the lips and mouth. Always check the temperature of the warmed PediaSmart® before feeding it to your child. Although PediaSmart® can be warmed in a microwave safe container without affecting the nutrient quality of the product, the use of a microwave is not recommended because the liquid in the center of the container may be much hotter than the outer product and container resulting in scalding or burns.

Although freezing PediaSmart® will not affect its nutrient content, PediaSmart® should not be frozen because the physical appearance of the product will change when it is thawed making it unacceptable.

Rev 7.29.2022

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