Baby's Only Organic Dairy with DHA/ARA option

Nature’s One® offers its customers the convenience of Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy, Baby’s Only Organic® Whey Protein Dairy, and Baby’s Only Organic® LactoRelief™ formulas already supplemented with DHA & ARA.

There are presently no recommendations from the FDA or the American Academy of Pediatrics on the specific amounts of DHA and ARA needed daily in the diets of babies and young children. The reason is that a full term, healthy baby has the capability of making the non-essential fatty acids DHA and ARA from two essential fatty acids, linolenic fatty acid and linoleic fatty acid, which are in all formulas, including our Baby’s Only Organic® formulas. Also, the current medical literature is conflicting when it comes to the necessity of adding DHA & ARA to formula.1

However, because DHA and ARA play a role in brain and eye development and also because there is no evidence that supplementation with these non-essential fatty acids is harmful to babies and young children, many formulas are now fortified with DHA and ARA.

The fat blend of Baby’s Only Organic® formulas meets regulatory requirements and is supplemented with appropriate amounts of DHA and ARA.  

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