Difference between Whole Soybeans and Soy Isolates?

Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy formula derives its organic soy protein concentrate from the whole soybean. Other formulas use soy protein isolates which chemically removes all the naturally occurring components of the soybean except the protein, manganese and phytoestrogens. Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy retains the natural benefits of the whole soybean as nature intended. We believe this provides balance among all the vitamins and minerals naturally found in our Plant Based Soy formula.

In fact, at a recent (May, 2007) conference on Diet and Optimal Health sponsored by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, Professor William Helferich stated "when the whole food (referring to the whole soybean) is consumed, you get a very different effect than if you consume the concentrated constituents individually." He further noted that the whole soybean is healthier than many of its individual components. In other words, the whole soybean provides healthier nutrition than when consuming concentrated components of the soybean, such as phytoestrogens. 

Rev 1-6-2020

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