Why use a soy formula?

There are many reasons that necessitate the use of a soy formula. Often times, parents wish to avoid any animal products in their child's diet. At other times, a cow or goat milk allergy/sensitivity may be present. In those instances, soy formula is utilized and has been proven to be beneficial in supporting proper growth and development in these young children.

Cow's Milk allergy or intolerance is a common reason that a health care professional may recommend use of a soy formula. A baby may be allergic to cow milk protein and/or sensitive to cow milk lactose. (It has been clinically evidenced that when a baby demonstrates sensitivity to cow milk based formula, she will most likely also be sensitive to goat milk).

Signs of milk sensitivity or allergy include: excessive fussiness, irritability, excessive spitting-up, gassiness or constipation. Symptoms may also include a "reaction" such as skin rash, eczema, or diarrhea. Some research strongly suggests that a higher incidence of ear infections is also attributable, in part, to cow/goat dairy consumption. If your child is experiencing any or all of these symptoms, a discussion with your health care professional about possible cow/goat milk allergies or sensitivities in your child would be beneficial.

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