Why use a soy formula?

There are many reasons that necessitate the use of a soy formula. Often times, parents wish to avoid any animal products in their child's diet and prefer a plant-based formula. Children with the genetic disorder called galactosemia also will need to consume a formula lacking in the carbohydrates called lactose and galactose.  Baby’s Only Organic® Plant-Based Soy Formula does not contain these carbohydrates.

At other times, a cow or goat milk allergy/sensitivity may be present. In instances where a sensitivity to cow’s milk protein is diagnosed, a specialized protein hydrolysate formula is often recommended.    A child with an allergy or sensitivity to cow’s milk will also be allergic or sensitive to goat’s milk protein.  For a sensitivity but not allergy to cow or goat milk protein, a soy formula may be an option because of the cost and and also taste and smell of a protein hydrolysate formula.

Signs of milk sensitivity or allergy include: excessive fussiness, irritability, excessive spitting-up, gassiness or constipation. Symptoms may also include a "reaction" such as skin rash, eczema, or diarrhea. Some research strongly suggests that a higher incidence of ear infections is also attributable, in part, to cow/goat dairy consumption. If your child is experiencing any or all of these symptoms, a discussion with your health care professional about possible cow/goat milk allergies or sensitivities in your child would be beneficial.

Rev 1-6-2020


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