Is Baby's Only Organic Hydrolyzed or Partially Hydrolyzed?

Although the protein in our Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy, Dairy with DHA, Whey Protein Dairy and LactoRelief™ with DHA formulas are somewhat denatured because of the heat treatment used during the manufacturing of the formula, Baby’s Only Organic® dairy based, pea protein and soy formulas are not partially hydrolyzed formulas (such as Good Start) or hydrolyzed formulas (such as Alimentum or Nutramigen). In these hydrolyzed products, cow’s milk protein is hydrolyzed using enzymes to “unfold” the milk protein resulting in small peptides (2 or more joined amino acids). 

However, in some situations when a child has intolerance to a dairy-based formula, healthcare professionals may sometimes recommend a trial with a soy formula such as Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy formula or a pea protein formula such as Baby's Only Organic® Pea Protein Formula. Use of either formula will depend upon the type of intolerance a child has. If the child has documented cow’s milk protein allergy, there is a chance that the child may also have an allergy to soy protein or pea protein. As with any decision to change an infant’s formula, it is always best to check with your child’s healthcare professional.

Rev 1-6-2020

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