PediaVance Mixing Instructions

Each liquid stick of PediaVance® should be mixed with 4 fluid ounces of water. Tap water from a municipal water supply or bottled plain water can be used. If the water source is well-water, please consult with your child’s healthcare provider to determine if another water source should be used.

Do NOT mix with household beverages such as soda or juice as this will result in a carbohydrate and electrolyte composition unsuitable for rehydration and can cause a worsening of symptoms. Do NOT vary from the recommended water to electrolyte solution ratio as noted on the PediaVance® package instructions unless otherwise specified by a healthcare professional.

Do NOT dilute PediaVance® Oral Electrolyte or mix it with other fluids. It is important that an oral electrolyte solution, such as PediaVance®, is properly balanced with the various electrolytes to replace those lost in fluids and keep the body properly hydrated.

Always check with your child’s healthcare professional when treating your child’s illness to be sure that the appropriate fluids in the necessary amounts per day are provided.



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