Plant Based Soy Formula Protein Source

The protein source in Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy formula is organic soy protein concentrate.  Baby's Only Organic Plant Based Soy formula is the only formula in the U.S. Market that contains organic soy protein concentrate.  It is produced by using organic soybeans from which the bran, carbohydrates (sugars), and most of the soy oil have been removed using a natural water extraction process. This process is unlike the production of soy protein isolates, which undergo a lengthy manufacturing process using chemicals such as acid, alcohol or hexane. No harsh chemicals are used during the processing of organic soy protein concentrate.

Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy formula retains the natural benefits of the whole soybean protein as nature intended. We believe this provides balance among the vitamins and minerals naturally found in our soy protein. Most formulas and complete nutrition beverages contain soy protein isolates that chemically remove all the naturally occurring components of the soybean except the protein, manganese and phytoestrogens.  Of course, because of these processes, soy protein isolates are never organic! The organic soy protein concentrate used in Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy formula is highly digestible and well tolerated and can serve as a sole source of protein intake for adults and children.

Rev 1-6-2020


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