What is Cholov Yisroel?

The term “Cholov Yisroel” literally means “Israel Milk” or Jewish supervised milk production. Milk or dairy products are referred to as Cholov Yisroel if they are produced under constant rabbinical supervision from the animal being documented as kosher through the milk production process and through packaging. Alternative spellings for Cholov Yisroel are Chalav Yisrael and Chalav Yisroel.

Baby’s Only™ Cholov Yisroel Dairy Toddler Formula is made from the milk of kosher cows and was manufactured under strict rabbinical supervision. This is documented on the label by the symbol, known as a “hechsher,” from the rabbi who designated the formula as Cholov Yisroel.

Although organic ingredients such as organic brown rice syrup and organic oils are used, Baby’s Only™ Cholov Yisroel Dairy Formula cannot be labeled as organic because the rabbinical approved kosher milk was sourced from a non-organic dairy herd. The National Organic Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture allows the term “organic” to be used on labels only if the final product contains 95% or more organic ingredients.

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