Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Ingredients & Quality

Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Soy Protein Concentrate, Organic High Oleic Oil (Organic High Oleic Sunflower and/or Organic High Oleic Safflower Oils), Organic Soybean Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Calcium Phosphate, Contains Less Than 1%: Organic Vanilla, Organic Soy Lecithin, Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Ascorbate, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Citrate, Choline Bitartrate, L-Methionine, Ferrous Sulfate, Inositol, Zinc Sulfate, d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, L-Carnitine, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A, Thiamin Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Copper Sulfate, Folic Acid, Phylloquinone, Potassium Iodide, Sodium
Selenate, Biotin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12.

Allergen Information

Contains soy. 

Made without GMO ingredients and contains no lactose, dairy, no wheat or wheat gluten, no palm olein oil, no corn syrup, no sucrose, and no peanut.


Brand Carbohydrate Source
Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy 100% Organic Brown Rice Syrup

DHA & ARA Fatty Acids

Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Formula does not contain added DHA and ARA in the formula but does contain sufficient amounts of linoleic and linolenic fatty acids. Linoleic and linolenic acid are essential fatty acids and precursor fats from which DHA and ARA are made in the body. This means that full-term, healthy babies, children, and adults can make DHA and ARA in the body from linoleic and linolenic fatty acids.

Essential Fatty Acids

Brand Linoleic Acid
(per 100 kcal)
(per 100 kcal)
Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based SOY 1000mg 128mg


Linoleic acid (LA) and linolenic acid (ALA) are essential fats. They are considered “essential” because the body cannot make them and they must be provided by the foods we eat. LA and ALA are also considered precursor fats because the body uses these fats to make the nonessential fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA). Formulas contain LA and ALA because they are necessary for the growth and development of cells, especially in the brain, nerve and eye tissues.

The organic oils used in Baby’s Only Organic Plant Based Soy formula assure the appropriate amounts of LA and ALA. These organic oils include high oleic sunflower or safflower oil, soybean oil, and coconut oil.


Brand Kosher Status
Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based SOY Kosher Pareve


Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is certified Kosher.  The Kosher symbol, a U within a circle  on the front of the label of each can, indicates the formula has been certified by a rabbi at the Orthodox Union as a Kosher pareve product.  Pareve indicates the product contains neither meat nor milk.  To the right of the U within a circle are the letters DE indicating "Dairy Equipment".  This indicates the formula was made on dairy equipment and is shown on the label to meet Jewish religion Kosher certification rules.  These rules have no bearing on U.S. federal labeling regulations as strictly enforced by the Food & Drug Administration where a specific allergen is required to be noted on the label.  There is no possibility of the cross-contamination of dairy ingredients in the manufacturing of Baby's Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Toddler Formula.  In addition, all manufacturing equipment is cleaned, sanitized and flushed according to Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (CGMPs) also defined in U.S. manufacturing regulations.


Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Formula does not contain nucleotides. Nutritional science and the medical community have not determined if there are any added benefits for added nucleotides - especially since all are synthetically derived. The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition weighs-in on this subject as well commenting that “...additional studies are needed to understand the mechanism of action, confirm clinical endpoints, and monitor the long-term effects of adding nucleotides to formula.” (1)

Most importantly, nucleotides added to conventional and organic formulas are derived by synthetic, non-organic methods. There are presently no organic or natural sources for nucleotides. We are therefore concerned about the harmful effects of the chemicals used to process nucleotides and the synthetic source of nucleotides; especially since the benefits of their addition have not been clearly demonstrated.

(1) American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition. Nutrition and Immunity.  In: Kleinman RE, Greer FR, eds. Pediatric Nutrition, 8th edition.  Itasca, IL.: American Academy of Pediatrics; 2019:1008.

Raffinose & Stachyose

Nature’s One® has a production method that naturally breaks down these two sugars so that they are easily digested. Unlike soy protein isolation processes that chemically strip the soybean of many of its naturally occurring benefits, the process used by Nature’s One® retains the balance of the soy milk as nature intended.

Soy Protein - Whole Soy Beans vs Isolates

The protein source in Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Formula is organic soy protein concentrate. Organic soy protein concentrate is produced by using organic soybeans from which the bran, carbohydrates (sugars), and most of the soy oil have been removed using a natural water extraction process. This process is unlike the production of soy protein isolates, which undergo a lengthy manufacturing process using chemicals such as acid, alcohol or hexane. No harsh chemicals are used during the processing of organic soy protein concentrate.

Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Formula retains the natural benefits of the whole soybean protein as nature intended. We believe this provides balance among the vitamins and minerals naturally found in our soy protein. Most formulas and complete nutrition beverages contain soy protein isolates that chemically remove all the naturally occurring components of the soybean except the protein, manganese and phytoestrogens. Of course, because of these processes, soy protein isolates are never organic! The organic soy protein concentrate used in Baby’s Only Organic® Plant Based Soy Formula is highly digestible and well tolerated. It is a complete protein that can serve as a sole source of plant based protein intake for adults and children.




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