The recommended concentration of fluoride in infant formula should be less than 0.06 to 0.10 mg/100 Calories (0.40-0.60 mg/liter).

Nature’s One® does not add fluoride to Baby’s Only Organic® Formulas or to PediaSmart®. The manufacturing facility for Baby’s Only Organic® powdered formulas and PediaSmart® uses reverse osmosis water which removes any fluoride that may be in the water supply.   Because fluoride is an element naturally occurring in water and food ingredients, Baby’s Only Organic® Formulas and PediaSmart® have been tested for fluoride content to assure the safety of these powdered products for use with young children. Testing of the formulas has shown fluoride levels to be well below tolerable upper intake levels and also well below the suggested concentration limit of fluoride in an infant formula.

The American Dental Association recommends mixing powdered formula for infants and young children with water that is fluoride free or contains low levels of fluoride. Water that is labeled sterile, purified, demineralized, deionized, distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water is appropriate.  Also, water sold in the infant formula section of many stores and identified as for use in preparing infant formula is appropriate.

Additional information and tips for parents and caretakers on fluoride for infants and children can be found at:Tips on Fluoride Use

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