Dilute Baby's Only Organic Formula?

Baby's Only Organic® formula should always be mixed according to label instructions to ensure that the proper balance of water to nutrients is given to a baby. Some parents or caretakers may think the formula is too "thick" and needs to be diluted or they may be trying to "stretch out" the powdered formula for economical reasons by adding more water than recommended. These practices are extremely hazardous to a baby's health and can result in malnutrition because the baby is not receiving the needed calories and nutrients to support growth and development.

Formula dilution is life threatening as it can cause water intoxication (over-hydration) and an imbalance of electrolytes resulting in hyponatremia or too little sodium in the baby's body. Drinking too much water basically drowns the cells because the baby's immature kidneys are unable to process the water quickly enough.

Symptoms of water intoxication can include pale colored urine and an excessive number of wet diapers (more than 6 to 8 per day). Water intoxication can lead to inconsolable crying because the baby's body tissues, including the brain, swell and can cause a headache; difficulty breathing because the lungs contain too much water; irregular heart beat because the electrolytes are not in balance; seizures noted by odd facial movements, lip smacking, rhythmic jerking of a body part; coma; and ultimately death if not medically treated.

Young babies will usually obtain all of the water they need from breast milk or formula and extra water is rarely needed. Always prepare baby formula and Baby's Only Organic® formulas according to label instructions and do not provide your baby with supplemental water unless directed to do so by the baby's healthcare provider.

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