Baby's Only Organic or PediaSmart?

Many parents chose to use a toddler formula rather than cow’s milk after a child’s first birthday to assure that the child is receiving a full complement of nutrients. Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formulas have a caloric and nutrient composition similar to an infant formula. PediaSmart® is for young children and it too has the full array of nutrients but at different and usually higher levels than an infant formula because the product can be used for children 1 to 13 years of age.  In particular, please note that the caloric content is higher for PediaSmart® than Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy Formula. PediaSmart® contains 240 Calories per 8 ounce serving and Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy Formula contains 160 Calories per 8 ounce serving.

For a child 1-3 years of age who is consuming a variety of foods and is growing appropriately for age, Baby’s Only Organic® formula can be used as a substitute for milk in the daily diet. If the child is a picky eater whose daily nutritional intake is questionable or for a child who is in need of extra nutrition to support growth, PediaSmart® may be a more appropriate beverage because of the higher caloric and nutrient profile of the product compared to Baby’s Only Organic® formula.

The decision as to which product to use and how much to provide daily for your child should be discussed with your child’s healthcare provider. You may wish to consult with a registered dietitian in your area if you have concerns about your child’s nutritional health. The dietitian would be able to perform a nutritional assessment and provide guidance on the best foods and beverages needed to support the child’s continuing growth and development. 

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