Egg Allergy concern with DHA & ARA containing formulas

Allergies to certain foods are caused by the body’s reaction to the protein component of a food. The source of DHA and ARA in those Baby’s Only Organic®  formulas containing these fatty acids is from the fat in organic egg yolks and is noted on the ingredient panel of the formula’s label as egg lecithin.  As an extra precaution, these formulas test undetectable for egg allergen by a third party laboratory. Most often an egg allergy is caused by the egg white, the major protein portion of an egg, rather than the yolk.

Because only the fat or phospholipids (not protein) portion of the organic egg yolk is used and also because of the high quality and purity of the egg lecithin used, this product test undetectable for egg allergen. If a child has a history of food allergies, consultation with the child’s healthcare provider is always recommended before use of any new food including Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy with organic DHA & ARA Formula. 

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