With the help of Nature’s One® suppliers, all components of our Baby’s Only Organic® and PediaSmart® packaging and scoops are made without BPA and its analogs such as BPS. This includes the “easy-open” lids, canisters and metal bottoms.  In addition, the scoops enclosed in Baby’s Only Organic® canisters are BPA-free, “FDA approved, food grade” and made from recyclable plastic.

Our canisters are “environmentally friendly” as they are recyclable and on average contain 50% recycled content. Additionally, the canisters are light weight since they are made of paperboard instead of tin. This reduces environmental waste and energy used in manufacturing and transportation. The canister's metal top and bottom are also recyclable. Again, all components of the packaging are BPA-free and from its analogs such as BPS.

As an organic manufacturer, Nature's One® is concerned over the level of chemicals ingested by babies, toddlers and children and will always use the highest quality ingredients and materials available to produce and package its organic pediatric products.

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