Pure10 Pledge®

We Make Organic Better™

  1. We pledge to use a new filtration process to extract any potential heavy metals found in soil, such as arsenic, from organic brown rice syrup.
  2. We pledge to use independent analytical labs to rigorously test our products for purity and to guarantee all nutrients are present at the levels stated on labels.
  3. We pledge to NEVER compromise nutritional quality with lower grade ingredients, such as corn syrup (also known as glucose syrup) and palm olein oil.
  4. We pledge to REJECT controversial ingredients that may negatively impact a child’s health, such as hexane-solvent extracted DHA algae oil, ARA fungal oil, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  5. We pledge to source our ingredients from U.S. organic farmers whenever possible, or from countries that meet our purity standards.
  6. We pledge to use environmentally-friendly packaging that does not contain BPA.
  7. We pledge to promote breastfeeding as the purest and most organic source of nutrition for infants. We are sensitive to the fact that breast milk is not always an option for mothers and adopting parents.
  8. We pledge to innovate organic products for healthy kids, as well as children who are in need of nutritional intervention.
  9. We pledge to offer the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.
  10. We pledge to stand for earth conscious business practices and avoid profit-motivated behavior that negatively impacts the well-being of children.


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