Mixing Instructions - PediaSmart (Dairy & Soy)

PediaSmart® is best when served chilled. Parents may also blend with crushed ice for a shake like beverage. Blend various fresh fruits with PediaSmart®  to offer a fruit flavored beverage.

Because PediaSmart®  comes in powder form, parents can control the consistency of this beverage. If a child prefers a "thinner" milk-like consistency, add one more ounce of water to each single serving. For children who require specific calorie consumption, need added calories or are using a feeding tube, seek guidance from your healthcare professional before changing the dilution of PediaSmart®.

Preparation Instructions

  • Add water in a glass or container then gradually stir in PediaSmart® powder using a hand whisk or blender.
  • Mix until dissolved.
  • Best when served chilled. Makes a great smoothie when blended with ice and/or fruit.
PEDIASMART SCOOP* (1 scoop = 17 grams)
To Make: PediaSmart® Powder: Add Water:
8 fl oz 3 Level Scoops 7 fl oz
56 fl oz Entire Can 49 fl oz
*Scoop enclosed in canister. Fill to the top of the scoop.

"Dry" Measuring Cup
To Make: PediaSmart® Powder: Add Water:
8 fl oz ½ Cup 7 fl oz
32 fl oz 2 Cups 28 fl oz
56 fl oz Entire Can 49 fl oz

Storage Instructions

  • Cover prepared PediaSmart® and refrigerate. Use within 72 hours to preserve vitamins.
  • Store container in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures.
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