Dietary Recommended Intake (DRI) PediaSmart

Balanced nutrition is critical during the growing years of childhood. The best nutrition comes from the various food groups including organic fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. PediaSmart® is recommended when fresh foods are not readily available, when medical or digestive concerns hamper normal growth, or when additional support for nutrition is needed.

PediaSmart® is an organic complete nutrition beverage mix and is nutritionally comparable to leading brands on the U.S. market. 1,000 calories of PediaSmart® meets or exceeds 100% of the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) for protein and carbohydrates for children 4-8 years of age. PediaSmart® includes 27 important vitamins and minerals.  

If a child’s medical situation requires the use of a formula as a sole source of nutrition, the specific amount of PediaSmart® to be fed per day, the caloric density of the formula, and if any additional nutrient supplements are necessary will need to be determined and monitored by the child’s primary healthcare provider in consultation with a registered dietitian nutritionist to assure appropriate nutritional needs are met. PediaSmart® may be used in a feeding tube under the special instruction and supervision of a healthcare professional.

PediaSmart® may be used for children with food sensitivities as it is gluten free, suitable for kids with a lactose intolerance, and made without corn syrup.  Additionally, PediaSmart® Organic Pea Protein Vanilla Beverage may be recommended for children with a cow’s milk protein allergy or sensitivity and is an option for families who prefer a vegetarian diet.


Rev 1-31-2023

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