Suggested Use of PediaVance Oral Electrolyte

For children 1 year of age or older

Provide Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution every 1-4 hours or as directed by your doctor. A child may consume as much as 64 FL OZ per day to replenish fluids while diarrhea continues. Serve chilled, freeze into a fun treat or blend partially frozen into ice slushy.

For Infants less than 12-months

Consult your doctor before using this or any other electrolyte maintenance product. Your doctor will recommend the appropriate amount to feed based on baby’s weight.

Discontinue use of Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution when diarrhea ceases.

Special Instructions

  • Mix with water
  • Refrigerate after preparing
  • Use within 72 hours after mixing with water
  • Use by date on package
  • Not for parenteral (IV) use
  • Do not heat or microwave
  • Discard any remaining prepared Electrolyte Solution from bottle or cup within 1 hour after initiation of feeding


If vomiting, fever, or diarrhea continues beyond 24 hours, consult your doctor. Do not use sugary drinks (juice, soda, sports drinks) as they may make diarrhea symptoms worse.

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