Why was there a switch from organic quinoa flour to organic pea protein in Baby’s Only® Organic Oat Baby Cereal?

Organic quinoa flour was used in a recipe for Baby’s Only® Organic Oat & Quinoa Baby Cereal, which is now discontinued. Now, Baby’s Only® offers Organic Oat Baby Cereal with Pea Protein which is made with organic pea protein.


Nature’s One is committed to giving you our best. Our Pure 10 Pledge includes our commitment to source from U.S. organic farmers whenever possible and to source from suppliers whose ingredients meet our high-quality standards for contaminants including heavy metals.


Because Nature’s One continually seeks to advance our sourcing and purity standards, switching from organic quinoa to organic pea protein better aligns with Nature’s One Pure 10 Pledge. Organic oats and organic peas are grown widely across North America, whereas quinoa is grown mostly in remote regions of the world. In addition, while we succeeded in our former Baby’s Only® Organic Oat & Quinoa Baby Cereal, it was difficult for Nature’s One to continue to find a reliable source of quinoa with a low content of contaminants such as heavy metals.


We think your baby will enjoy the taste of the new Organic Oat Baby Cereal with Pea Protein, too! Organic pea protein doesn’t deliver the same bitter flavor to baby cereal as organic quinoa.


Both organic quinoa flour and organic pea protein offer a source of essential nutrients for babies. A switch did not contribute to a significant nutrition difference between the Baby Cereals.  


Learn more about the Nature’s One Pure 10 Pledge here: https://www.naturesone.com/our-pure-10-pledge/


Rev 4-10-2023


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