Why is organic lactose 1st ingredient in Whey Protein Dairy DHA?

Lactose is an important ingredient as it provides the carbohydrate necessary to support energy needs and for proper growth and development.  Carbohydrates are one of the crucial dietary sources of energy to support the brain, enable muscular contractions, and provide the fuel necessary for a young child’s rapid growth, especially through the first few years of life.  So it is important for a child to get adequate amounts of carbohydrates each day from good food sources.

Regarding organic lactose and the order of ingredients on the label of Baby’s Only Gentle Dairy with Whey Protein and DHA Formula, Nature’s One® lists organic lactose first in its ingredient declaration.  This is because organic lactose represents the ingredient added to the formula with the highest weight.  Per U.S. labeling requirements, ingredients must be listed on a label in descending order by weight.  It may appear that Baby’s Only Gentle Whey Protein Dairy Formula contains more carbohydrate than recommended due to the position of the ingredient on the label, but this is not true.  The amount of organic lactose added to the formula in conjunction with the amount of organic lactose naturally coming into the formula with the organic non-fat cow’s milk and organic whey powder ensures that the total carbohydrate content of the formula is appropriate to support growth and development.


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