Can I use Baby’s Only® Organic Premium Infant Formula to fortify my breastmilk for my preterm or term baby?

Though human milk is the ideal source of nutrition for preterm infants, alone, it doesn’t meet a preterm infant’s micronutrient needs. In these cases, healthcare providers recommend human milk fortifiers to increase the nutrient content of human milk. These are products that are specially designed for preterm infants. They add calories and nutrients like protein, calcium, and phosphorus.(1) Baby’s Only® Organic Premium Infant Formula is not designed as a human milk fortifier to be used for preterm babies.

However, there may be medical situations for term infants where specific amounts of formula, like Baby’s Only® Organic Premium Infant Formula, are recommended to be added to breastmilk to increase the calories and/or nutrients of the breastmilk. This should be done under the direction of a child’s healthcare provider.


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